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Scholarship of Teaching & Learning Conferences

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Conferences:

AECT International Convention

The AECT International Convention brings together AECT members and affiliated educational researchers and practitioners interested in learning design, performance improvement, and technologies. The goal is to: engage in social discourse and academic exchanges, showcase evidence-based practices, share their research findings, and advanced design, development, integration of emerging technologies

Discipline: Multidisciplinary

Associate Deans Conference

Expand your network in interactive sessions, peer discussions, and inspiring keynotes at the Associate Deans Conference: built by, and for, senior business school administrators. Discover tools and insights into managing a complicated academic institution, either in-person or virtually. 

Associate, assistant, and vice deans commonly face competing priorities, limited resources, and people management challenges. You must be experts in balancing: goals vs. resources, personal time vs. workload, and faculty priorities vs. dean priorities.

Discipline: Multidisciplinary

Canadian International Conference on Advances in Education, Teaching & Technology

EduTeach2022 is premier knowledge-building even in Education, Teaching and Technology at a global level/ This event, now its sixth year, is renowned for its thought-provoking, cutting edge content, unrivaled networking opportunities, and presenter-friendly atmosphere.

Discipline: Technology, Teaching and Education

Conference on College Teaching

The Mount Aloysius Conference on College Teaching aims to bring high school and higher education faculty together to foster discourse on student learning, pedagogical approaches and academic, athletic and social engagement.

Discipline: Education/ Teacher Education

Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy

The conference showcases the best pedagogical practice and research in higher education today. Sessions address disciplinary and interdisciplinary instructional strategies, outcomes, and research. Each year we welcome over 500 faculty and instructors in Higher Education dedicated to teaching excellence.  

Conference on Innovative Pedagogy in Higher Education

The goal of ISETL is to explore, share, and promote innovative pedagogical approaches. The Conference on Innovative Pedagogy in Higher Education is an opportunity to learn from each other. We seek proposals that bring something new to the classroom — a new strategy, a new learning approach, a new classroom (or virtual classroom) technology application, a new student support mechanism, or a new method for assessing. Innovation comes in all sizes, from smaller strategies to assess student learning, to larger approaches for fostering student engagement. ISETL is looking for both.

Discipline: Multidisciplinary

Conference on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Dr. Schwartz’s scholarly interests include teaching as relational practice, emotion and teaching, and qualitative research methods. She is the author of “Connected Teaching: Relationship, Power, and Mattering in Higher Education” and she has published two “New Directions for Teaching and Learning” sourcebooks, co-editing “Teaching and Emotion” with Jennifer Snyder-Duch and editing “Interpersonal Boundaries in Teaching and Learning.”

Discipline: Teacher Education

Dialogues in the Disciplines

Join us for a day-long symposium focused on assessment and experiential learning, viewed through the lens of the current challenges presented by the pandemic and focused on identifying the future opportunities for when things return to normal. 

Discipline: Education/ Teacher Education

Distance Teaching and Learning Conference

Our goal is simple: to provide you with a transformative professional development experience at an affordable price. This conference emphasizes evidence-based practice, educational innovation, and practical applications of theories and research findings in the field of distance education and online learning. There are also many opportunities for you to network, share, and collaborate with peers from around the world. You will head home with new skills, fresh knowledge, and the motivation to apply what you’ve learned.

Discipline: Multidisciplinary 

D2L Fusion Event

Fusion 2021 brought Imagineers from around the world together to transform how the world learns. Discover, share, and hinge on the tops that matter to you. Connect and build your network in a meaningful way. An infusion of energy and ideas.

Discipline: Technology/ Teacher Education

Educational Developers Conference

In keeping with the EDC Bylaw Aims (3.2), the Conference aims to: facilitate networking and communication between future, new and seasoned educational developers; profile developments (scholarly and otherwise) in the field; afford professional development opportunities to experienced, new and potential educational developers; and provide a forum to exchange ideas, issues and concerns emerging in the field.

Discipline: Multidisciplinary

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference brings together professionals and technology providers from around the world to discuss their discoveries, grow professionally, and explore solutions to continuing challenges.

Discipline: Education/Teacher Education

Engagement Scholarship Consortium International Conference

 Our goal is to work collaboratively to build strong university-community partnerships anchored in the rigor of scholarship and designed to help build community capacity.

Discipline: Engagement & Education

International Distance Education Conference

It is an international educational activity for academics, teachers and educators. This conference is now a well known educational event and the number of paper submissions and attendees increase every year. It promotes the development and dissemination of theoretical knowledge, conceptual research, and professional knowledge through symposium activities, the symposium book, and the The Online Journal of Distance Education and e-Learning (TOJEL).

Discipline: Education

International Higher Education Teaching & Learning Association

HETL is a ​membership-based organization serving the global higher education community through: thought leadership, professional development, ​global advocacy, ​and ​peer-to-peer learning. ​The vision of HETL is to advance the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning in higher education around the world. To achieve that vision, HETL’s mission is to develop a global community of education professionals focused on four strategic areas: 1) global networking and multidisciplinary collaboration, 2) advanced research, innovation, and publishing, 3) higher education development and capacity building, and 4) rights, democracy, and sustainability.

ISSOTL Annual Conference

The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning fosters collaborative, interdisciplinary, and innovative scholarship in the area of higher education teaching and learning around the world. The annual ISSOTL conference is an important venue for facilitating the collaboration of scholars in different countries and disciplines and the flow of new findings across national borders, that the Society so values. 

Discipline: Multidisciplinary

Learning and the Brain Conference - Calming Anxious Brains

This conference will provide new research on the impact of the pandemic on student anxiety, mental health, and learning. Discover strategies to reduce anxiety and depression; reverse learning loss; reengage students; manage disruptive behaviors; improve trust and mental health; help children with ADHD and autism adjust to a new normal; and create calm, caring, connected, and trauma-sensitive schools.

Discipline: Teacher Education

Learning and the Brain 60: Post-Pandemic Brains

This conference will provide new research on the impact of the pandemic on student anxiety, mental health, and learning. Discover strategies to reduce anxiety and depression; reverse learning loss; reengage students; manage disruptive behaviors; improve trust and mental health; help children with ADHD and autism adjust to a new normal; and create calm, caring, connected, and trauma-sensitive schools.

Learning and the Brain 61: Winter Conferences

As we return to school and look beyond 2022, we have a unique opportunity to pause, reflect, and incorporate new brain science findings and lessons learned from the past year to improve education. Teachers can rethink personalized, student-centered learning, instructional methods, changing teaching roles, culture and relationships, student and peer-lead curriculum, collaboration, and mentoring, virtual tools, and redesigning learning spaces and environments to improve learning in all students. And school administrators have a renewed justification for radically reinventing schools by rethinking school schedules, start times, seat times, extended learning opportunities, family-community connections, technology, grades, mixed age classrooms, career readiness, and leadership.

Learning and the Brain 62: Spring Conferences

This conference will explore the brain science behind critical thinking, reasoning, knowledge, and media misinformation. Discover strategies for improving reasoning and critical thinking skills; develop media literacy and analysis; reduce the knowledge gap; promote metacognition; connect the brain and body to thinking, and develop analytical, creative and design thinking skills needed to solve complex problems.

Lilly Conference on Evidence Based Teaching and Learning

The mission of the Lilly Conferences is to provide a forum to share and model a scholarly approach to teaching and learning that reports quality student learning outcomes while promoting professional development of faculty.

Discipline: Teaching and Learning

NSEE Annual Conference

The Vision of the National Society for Experiential Education is the establishment of effective methods of experiential education as fundamental to the development of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that empower learners and promote the common good. The mission of the NSEE is to cultivate educators who effectively use experiential education as an integral part of personal, professional, civic and global learning.

Discipline: Education

OLC Accelerate

The OLC Accelerate conference emphasizes the most impactful research and effective practices in online, blended, and digital learning. This conference offers thousands of administrators, designers, and educators a comprehensive list of sessions and activities tailored to addressing the entire community’s challenges and goals.

Discipline: Virtual/Online Education

RAISE Conference

The conference will be an opportunity to discuss the future of student engagement and pedagogical practice, including a celebration of ten years of Student as Producer.

We would like to see submissions on a range of topics and themes, but we would be particularly interested in contributions that address the following areas of Undergraduate and Postgraduate student engagement: Student as Producer; Engaging Assessment and Curriculum Design; Inclusion and Diversity; Research and Innovation; Digital Education and Analytics; Theoretical Perspectives and Challenges

Discipline: Student Education & Engagement

SOTL Commons Conference

The SoTL Commons is an international conference with an intimate feel – listen to high quality presentations from nationally and internationally recognized speakers and join in conversations on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) with a community of scholars from around the world.

SOTL Summit Conference

Originally known as the Georgia Conference on Teaching and Learning, then the Research on Teaching and Learning Summit, this conference was rebranded as the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Summit to better reflect the movement and growth of the SoTL field.

Discipline: Teacher Education/ Scholars

Sunshine State Teaching and Learning Conference

The Sunshine State Teaching and Learning Conference brings together higher education scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers in and beyond the state of Florida to share and discuss critical issues and to promote opportunities for collaboration. The three-day event will feature a variety of session formats designed to encourage interaction and engagement. Sessions will raise awareness of emerging challenges, offer overviews of best practices, highlight research findings, and promote strategies for improving student and faculty success.

Discipline: Teacher Education

The Teaching Professor Conference

The Teaching Professor Conference is the place for educators who are passionate about the art and science of teaching. It’s an exhilarating three-day event focused on the latest research-based, classroom-tested best practices to enhance your knowledge and drive ever-better outcomes for the students you teach.

USG Teaching and Learning Conference: Best Practices for Promoting Engaged Student Learning

More than any other time in the history of higher education, educators are in the midst of unchartered territory. We have experienced pandemic teaching, social unrest and isolation, but instead of having this define us as scholars we can grow by sharing our collective wisdom and teaching experience. The 2022 USG Teaching & Learning Conference has been re-formatted to allow you to first engage in on-demand and asynchronous material, then elaborate on what you learned via guided group discussions, and finally, an option to connect in person with your colleagues and peers at one of four regional events.

Discipline: Multidisciplinary

World Conference on E-Learning

The Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), founded in 1981, is an international, not-for-profit, educational organization with the mission of advancing Information Technology in Education and E-Learning research, development, learning, and its practical application. AACE serves the profession with international conferences, high quality publications, leading-edge Digital Library, Career Center, and other opportunities for professional growth.

Discipline: Online Learning