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Requesting an Observation

Observations of teaching are a supportive, positive, and constructive way to enhance and grow in one's teaching abilities.

Observations through the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning are a supportive, positive, and constrictive process that focuses on helping Graduate Teaching Assistants identify and develop their teaching strengths. The primary goal of the observation process is to focus on growth.

The observation process includes a course observation conducted by a CETL professional and a one-on-one feedback session centered around observed strengths and suggestions for growth based on evidence-based principles of observations and feedback session are strictly  confidential between the GTA and CETL staff.

To request an observation, simply email Kevin Sackreiter, CETL Director at Once a request for an observation is made, CETL staff will work with you to schedule the observation based on your scheduling preferences. Typically, observations are not conducted the first two or last two weeks of the semester.