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Professional Development Certificate

The CETL Professional Development Certificate will be earned by faculty member who attend and participate in CETL endorsed professional development events with a teaching and learning focus.

While we recognize there are many types of professional development, it is important to note this certification is designed to be used only as a demonstrator of teaching effectiveness. This program will only include those events with a primary focus on teaching and learning. Colleges and departments conducting professional development events can have those events endorsed by CETL and award points (determined by CETL) to faculty fully participating and completing those events.

Once a faculty member earns 15 certification points, the will be eligible for the certificate. Upon the accumulation of 15 certification points, faculty must submit a reflective document summarizing their professional development activities throughout the year. This will be an annual (August - July) certification program. Faculty can renew their certification annually.

The goal of this program is to provide faculty with a mechanism to document their professional development activities and utilize them in a structured and approved manner as a demonstrator of teaching effectiveness.

Certification Point Opportunities:

  • Fall Conference
  • Faculty Inquiry Participation
  • Workshop
  • Webinar
  • Special Events and Training
  • CETL Book
  • Outside Professional Development
  • Facilitating and event for CETL
  • Instructional Design Service Weekly Webinar
  • Instructional Design Service Weekly Workshops
  • Instructional Design Service Emerging Tech Demo Sessions
  • Instructional Design Service Annual Teaching Technology Expo

This is not a complete list and additional opportunities will be available as determined by CETL staff.

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