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Inclusive Teaching

Inclusion in STEM Disciplines

  • Angela Linse, Wayne Jacobson, and Lois Reddick, “Teaching for Diversity and Inclusiveness in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM),” in Essays on Teaching Excellence; Toward the Best in the Academy 16, no. 7 (2004-5).

  • A.T. Miller, “The Multicultural Lab: Diversity Issues in STEM Classes,” in Matthew L. Ouellett, Teaching Inclusively (New Forums Press, 2005), 451-459.

  • Leslie S. Jones, “Science in the Interest of Social Justice: Untangling the Biological Realities of Race and Gender,” in Ouellett,Teaching Inclusively, 460-472.

  • Caryn McTighe Musil, editor, Gender, Science, and the Undergraduate Curriculum: Building Two-Way Streets (AAC&U, 2001). This book includes chapters on general chemistry; life, sex, and cells; women’s health; minorities and women in science and engineering; feminist pedagogy in chemistry, and curriculum in context. Book available in CATL Faculty Resource Center.

  • "Is Diversity Relevant to What I Teach?" from the AAC&U's Diversity Digest Winter 1997 provides a few examples from faculty for ways it can be.

  • Diversity in STEM, What It Is and Why It Matters