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IDEA Objective 9

IDEA Objective 9: Learning how to find, evaluate, and use resources to explore a topic in depth

What is this objective?

  • This objective, though is relevant to all the courses that are taught, but is only chosen as ‘essential’ or ‘important’ in 30% of the classes using IDEA.
  • This objective preaches information literacy and thus forms the basis of all disciplines, all learning environment and all education levels. It identifies with effective teaching that initiates students to become lifelong learners with deep thinking.

How can one teach this objective?

  • Encourage students to use multiple resources like libraries, internet, outside experts, to improve their understanding.
  • Find ways to help the students answer their own questions.
  • Assign work that requires high efforts and creative thinking.
  • Design projects and research work that would push the students to explore new resources and solve challenging problems.   
  • Encourage team-based learning. Peer learning can encourage conceptual understanding and can help student learn better.

How can one assess this objective?

  • Provide a clear assignment and grading rubric.
  • Have clear deadlines for each of the research project/paper/thesis. You can have additional sequence of intermittent deadlines for parts of thesis.
  • Ask the students to provide authentication of the websites they referred to while conducting their research. This would infuse a habit of critically weighing the available resources.
  • Use peer reviewing as an additional source of feedback. This will not only encourage active learning and student engagement but also enhance deep learning. This process will also encourage students to fully understand the expectation resulting in a better final product.


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Author:                             Praveena KanchupatiPhD. Candidate & GTA Consultant

                                          Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning


Contact:                            Kevin Sackreiter, Ed.D., Director

                                          Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning


Contributions:                   Shelly Bayer, Ed.D.