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IDEA Objective 7

IDEA Objective 7: Gaining a broader understanding and appreciation of intellectual/cultural activity

What is this objective?

  • This objective aims at broadening student understanding and appreciation of the diverse disciplines through properly designed survey/ non-major/ general education classes. These classes must be designed and taught in a way that the students will appreciate new and unfamiliar ideas, and develop curiosity for further study.

How can one teach this objective?

  • Include cultivating student motivation as an intentional learning task.
  • Clearly communicate how learning in your course is relevant to learning other courses, their understanding of the world and potential careers.
  • Provide frequent feedback and opportunities for self-assessment. This would help the students build students’ confidence in their ability to learn in a new discipline.
  • Give them opportunities to learn deeply by manipulation, application and analyses of the course material, both in class and in assignments.

How can one assess this objective?

  • Classroom Assessment Techniques like “minute-paper” in which you ask the students to write in one minute the most important concept you learned in a class, would give you an idea of their understanding of the subject. Another relevant CAT can be, drawing of “concept maps”.
  • Hands-on experiments can also be used to assess their understanding of the concepts.

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