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IDEA Objective 4

IDEA Objective 4: Developing specific skills, competencies, and points of view needed by professionals in the field most closely related to this course

What is this objective?

  • This objective deals with the initiation of the students into the “community of practice” that allows them to become a highly competent and motivated professional.
  • Learning of concepts cannot be achieved by just describing and telling. To create professionals in a field, the teachers should work together with the students to create a learner-centered learning environment that would make clear the content, the relevance of the content and the target mastery.

How can one teach and assess this objective?

  • Let students set their own goals and work to achieve them. You, along with your students, share the power of learning. By letting students have a say in their learning, you are not only encouraging them to take up more responsibility, but you are also enhancing their motivation to work on a particular task.
  • Work with students to develop knowledge from content. In a learner-centered learning environment this practice will push the students to i) properly utilize their prior knowledge, ii) use different forms of knowledge, and iii) cultivate a habit of asking right questions and seeking answers on their own.
  • Become a facilitator. Help students to use the content in productive ways. Always try and highlight i) the relevance of the content to the real life and ii) the importance of the subject. Use of relevant examples and case studies can help you achieve this objective.
  • Work with students on a more personal level. As a teacher you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students you work with and then can guide them to utilize their strengths in productive ways and transform their weaknesses into strengths. You should motivate them to become a “self-directed learner”.
  • Use multiple and alternative assessment techniques. In a learner-centered environment, the assessments are not only used to generate grades, but also to promote learning. As a teacher, you should use alternative assessment techniques like, short-answers questions, essays, demonstrations, portfolios etc. These assessment strategies can either replace the traditional tests or can work in partnership with them.


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Author:                             Praveena KanchupatiPhD. Candidate & GTA Consultant

                                          Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning


Contact:                            Kevin Sackreiter, Ed.D., Director

                                          Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning


Contributions:                   Shelly Bayer, Ed.D.