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IDEA Objective 2

IDEA Objective 2: Developing knowledge and understanding of diverse perspectives, global awareness or other cultures

What is this objective?

  • This objective addresses the need to develop the ability to include others perspectives and opinions, along with personal thoughts, to better understand and interpret global events and in general perform better cross-culturally.
  • Most of the faculty are underprepared when it comes to dealing with topics that are linked to diversity issues or social and cultural issues.

How can one teach this objective?

  • Understand and determine your students’ backgrounds and life experiences, and their motivation to take the course. Also consider your social and cultural background, learn about you own biases and stereotypes.
  • Allow opportunities to help the students present their perspective and opinions on the topic at hand. They will understand others view and engage in discussions with higher enthusiasm if they get a chance to present and clarify their own thoughts.
  • Form caucus groups with students that have a common aspect like “gender”, or a similar social aspect and let them share their opinions and also learn others perspectives. These activities will build self-reflection and teamwork. The initial sharing of ideas and views would also make the students ready to deal with complex and highly emotional global issues.
  • Use rubrics to avoid ‘blind grading’ and to make your expectations clear and transparent.
  • Identify a teaching partner who would help you with judging the class progress and who can bring different social and cultural perspectives based on his/her experiences and training.
  • Give credit for personal growth and transformation.

How can one assess this objective?

  • Use formative and summative forms of evaluation to assess the progress of the students.
  • Aspects like improvement in self-awareness, development of social insights over time, can be easily judged by the performance of the students in formative assignments.

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Author:                             Praveena KanchupatiPhD. Candidate & GTA Consultant

                                          Center for Enhancement of Teaching and Learning


Contact:                            Kevin Sackreiter, Ed.D., Director

                                          Center for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning


Contributions:                   Shelly Bayer, Ed.D.