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Faculty Development

SDSU Faculty Development

The SDSU Teaching Learning Center's primary purpose is to serve as a resource for all South Dakota State University faculty members. The following goals were identified in the Teaching Learning Center 2018 Strategic Plan for enhancing professional development for faculty at SDSU.

Goal 1: Promote a culture of academic excellence by providing a comprehensive program of professional development opportunities responsive to the needs of all South Dakota State University faculty and teaching assistants.

  1.  Build upon current professional development efforts by providing diverse development opportunities that address the range of fundamental pedagogical strategies and the innovative developing strategies of the future.
  2. Enhance interdisciplinary and/or collaborative opportunities between the SDSU Teaching Learning Center and departments, units, and colleges.
  3. Increase professional development opportunities for off campus locations and faculty.
  4. Extend the reach of the TLC by improving the public web site and significantly increasing the amount of information available to constituents.
  5. Embrace emerging pedagogical technologies and facilitate faculty's successful integration of innovative strategies through continued support of the SDSU AL Cloud Initiative.
  6. Promote and enhance teaching assistant (TA) professional development offerings.
  7. Employ assessment practices to ensure a comprehensive and reflective culture of improvement to better meet the organization's professional development needs.
  8. Align with the University's 5-year classroom improvement plan to offer faculty development around emerging classroom types.  

Goal 2:   Extend the reach and impact of the Teaching Learning Center by reinvigorating experiential education, service-learning, and enhancing collaborative community relationships. 

  1. Enhance the center's commitment to service-learning through dynamic professional development opportunities.
  2. Cultivate aware, engaged and active citizens well prepared to work in local, state and global communities as a result of engagement with the service-learning pedagogy.
  3. Broaden the service-learning assessment program to develop comprehensive data that blends faculty, student and community partner experiences into dynamic practice.  

Goal 3:   Facilitate an inclusive and collaborative culture that encourages contemporary, learning-centered scholarship. 

  1. Empower faculty to collaborate through professional development opportunities.
  2. Promote and assist with the scholarship of teaching and learning research efforts of the SDSU community.