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Demonstrators of Teaching Effectiveness

Demonstrating Teaching Effectiveness at SDSU

The South Dakota State University Tenure and Promotion: Criteria and Guidelines document explains “Because no one tool can adequately assess teaching performance, evaluation of this role requires multiple measures to ensure that a comprehensive, fair, and just evaluation is done. Each faculty member (with more than 10% teaching assignment), in consultation with department head, will determine a minimum of two (2) strategies/techniques beyond the IDEA survey to evaluate teaching performance. Faculty with 10% or less teaching assignment need only one (1) additional strategy beyond the IDEA. The IDEA evaluation should account for no more than 25% of the teaching assessment rating. robust evaluation is used. Units are expected to employ a minimum of at least two (2) strategies/techniques beyond the IDEA survey to evaluate teaching performance. Materials appropriate for evaluation of teaching can stem from one of four sources: the candidate, other professionals, students, or student learning. Each department should have a clearly understood procedure for such additional evaluation and it should be clearly stated as to who is providing the evidence and conducting the evaluation (e.g., department head, internal peer, outside peer panel, etc.).”

For a comprehensive list of evidence criteria and strategies/techniques, please refer to the SDSU Faculty Handbook, Section 5.4 How to Evaluate Faculty.

Resources from the following areas are provided through the SDSU Teaching Learning Center to assist faculty and departments as they evaluate teaching effectiveness. As mentioned previously faculty are expected to utilize 2 additional methods beyond IDEA to demonstrate their teaching effectiveness. This list is meant to provide explanation of some of the options available for faculty members.

CETL Professional Development Certificate

Review of Course Material

CETL Observation

Pre and Post Test Evaluations

Quality Assurance Review

Mid-Semester Review

Online Certification