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CETL Observation


Observations of teaching through the CETL are a supportive, positive, and constructive process that focuses on helping faculty identify and develop their teaching strengths. The observations follow elements of the Peer Observation Model and typically involve two observations per semester. These observations are strictly confidential between the faculty member and the CETL. Information is not shared with anyone outside of the observed faculty member. The primary goal of the CETL is to focus on the faculty development goals of the observed faculty member. A full description of the CETL Observation process can be found by clicking here.

Observations are conducted by Janet Johnson – CETL Faculty Mentor and Kevin Sackreiter – Director of CETL, based on schedule availability. This past academic year the CETL conducted approximately 260 classroom observations.

It should be noted that there are a limited number of observations opportunities available each semester. We strongly recommend scheduling these observations as soon as possible. Once a request for an observation is made CETL staff will work with faculty members to schedule the observations and gather information needed (syllabus, assignments, etc.) to make the process as highly effective as possible. All requests for observations must be made by the specific faculty member to be observed.

Stephen Gent discusses teaching observations from CETL.

Mary Bowne discusses teaching observations from CETL.