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Information and Outreach

Publications, reports, requests and podcasts

The most common Data Center publications are newsletters. These are usually written by either a student or faculty member and are reviewed by two or three faculty members prior to being published. 

Data Center personnel also periodically research and release longer reports on subjects such as levels of income necessary for a person to be considered self-sufficient. These are typically classified as Extension Circulars or Extension Bulletins. Both types of publications can be accessed here.

One of the most common ways we interact with groups and individuals is by researching data requests. At times, these requests even result in publications. For instance, one request led us to research business thresholds that were eventually reported in an Extension Extra.

A majority of the requests we receive originate within academia, followed by requests from members of the media and general public. If you have any questions about the work we do or have a data request you would like us to answer, please call 605-688-4901 or email us.