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Third Party Sponsor Billing

An organization, not owned by the student or the student's family member, that makes a commitment to pay educational expenses, is considered a third party sponsor by SDSU. In order to bill a third party sponsor for tuition and fees of one student or multiple students, the following two requirements need to be met:

  1. SDSU must be the designated home institution of the student or students.
  2. The organization must submit to the SDSU Cashier's Office, a letter of authorization to bill on business letterhead or an authorization to bill form with business logo and information listed.

Once the SDSU Cashier's Office receives the required information and approves the request the third party will be set up as a sponsor. The covered student(s) will receive a credit on their account(s) for the amount that will be billed to the third party sponsor.  The third party sponsor will be billed for the authorized term after the adjustment period is completed and usually before the end of the approved term. In order for any charges to be billed out they must be assessed through our student system. The student remains liable for any charges the sponsor does not pay. Future sponsorships will not be setup if the current sponsorship becomes delinquent.

Our students and their sponsors may find the frequently asked questions (FAQ) link below helpful.

Third Party Sponsor Billing FAQ's