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  1. eAccounts icon
    All students/staff need to enroll in SDSU Duo Security. For issues or help with Duo please contact the SDSU Support Desk (688-6776).
  2. Download the e-Accounts app. App Store | Google Play
  1. Open eAccounts and choose the correct site (search South Dakota) and portal (SDSU)
A screenshot of choosing SDSU portal on mobile app
A screenshot of choosing site on mobile app
  1. Log into eAccounts using campus network credentials. Then choose push or passcode then open the Duo app.
A screenshot of log in with network credentials
A screenshot of authentication push page
  1. When you open Duo, depending on the verification method that you chose, you will see a passcode to enter in the eAccounts app. Or you will see an approve/deny button.
A screenshot of Duo push accepted
A screenshot of Duo authentication accept/deny page
  1. After you go through this process, you will be logged into eAccounts.
Screenshot of eAccounts page