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Adding Your MyJacks Card to Google Pay on Android

MyJacks Card in Google Pay Requirements:

MyJacks Card Account
  • Student confirmed term enrollment for Main Campus status
  • Or Active employment status
SDSU network login account
  • Active status
SDSU DUO account
  • Active status
iAndroid Phone
  • Version 5.0 or later
eAccounts mobile app
  • Loaded from the Google Play Store
  1. Enable NFC on your phone in your Settings menu. NFC settings can be found in different areas of the Settings menu, depending on your device. A common location is Connected Devices>Connection Settings. (If not found there, use the Search option on the top right to double check.)
  2. Toggle the NFC setting to On.
  3. Open Google Pay and make sure it is enabled as the default payment application. If the app prompts you to add a credit card, you can bypass that screen and return to the Google Pay home screen.
  4. Download the eAccounts Mobile app from the Google Play Store.
  5. Open eAccounts, swipe through startup screens and tap Get Started.
  6. Search for South Dakota State University, select SDSU and click through to the MyJacks Card login screen.
  7. Enter your SDSU Network Credentials. If you have not set up your DUO or need help, contact SDSU helpdesk. 
  8. Approve the DUO request.
    • You can now view your account balances and meal plans
  9. Once you have successfully authenticated in eAccounts, click the Add to Google Pay button to add your to Google Pay.
  10. Continue on and tap "Accept" the University of Alabama Terms and Conditions
  11. Tap "Accept" the Google Pay Terms of Service.
    • You now can see that your MyJacks Card photo displays on the account screen and your ID has been added to your Google Pay 

    12.  To use you Mobile ID on Android devices, the phone must lit up.

*If your country does not support Google Pay, on your phone reset the region to the U.S. by following these instructions