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  • Cow-Calf Education and Research Facility

    Cow-Calf Education and Research Facility

    The Cow-Calf Education and Research Facility was completed in 2016 and is used by the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences and the Department of Animal Science.

  • Crothers Engineering Hall

    Crothers Engineering Hall

    Built in 1957, the building is named after Harold M. Crothers, thrice acting president of then South Dakota State College (1946-1947, 1951 and 1957-1958) and former dean of the College of Engineering. The cost of the structure was approximately $850,000.

  • Dairy Bar

    Dairy Bar

    Taste some of SDSU’s finest dairy products at the Dairy Bar.

  • Dakota Lakes Research Farm

    Dakota Lakes Research Farm

    The Dakota Lakes Research Farm focuses on both irrigated and dryland crop research. The farm is managed as a no-till farm. Nearly one-third, 240 of the 840 acres, is devoted to irrigation.

  • Daktronics Engineering Hall

    Daktronics Engineering Hall

    Daktronics Engineering Hall houses two departments, electrical engineering and computer science and physics. The facility boasts four floors and 29,000 square feet of space.

  • Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium

    Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium

    Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium, home of Jackrabbits football, is located on the northeast side of campus. Completed in August 2016, it is built on the same site as the previous stadium, Coughlin-Alumni. The Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium has a capacity of 19,340 (up from 11,000).

  • Davis Dairy Plant

    Davis Dairy Plant

    The Davis Dairy Plant and the Alfred Dairy Science Hall were the result of a $9.3–million construction and remodeling project dedicated Oct. 21, 2011.

  • DePuy Military Hall

    DePuy Military Hall

    Houses Aerospace Studies and Military Science offices. The building was renamed DePuy Military Hall on Dec. 11, 1987.

  • Design Studio

    Design Studio

    Located west of Medary Avenue, this facility’s large, open floor plan is a place to make and iterate again and again, allowing students to work individually or in collaboration.

  • East Headhouse

    East Headhouse

    Built in 1955, the East Headhouse serves the research and teaching functions and operations of the Plant Science Building and east greenhouses.