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Yeager Hall

Yeager Hall, located near the center of campus, houses the School of Communication and Journalism and the Print Lab.

The building’s upper level has several active-learning classroom spaces that are welcoming to students. Students are able to get out of the traditional classroom setting, use different technologies and take part in group seating arrangements.

The Lakota-Dakota Room pays homage to Native American culture and is used by both faculty and students. Multimedia editing suites for students are available to complete their audio, video and visual projects. Faculty offices are on the outskirts of this level.

In the southeast corner of the building is the Yeager Media Center. Inside, different television productions and student projects are produced. A green screen cyclorama and a traditional black curtain setting are used in production.

The Print Lab is located in the lower level of Yeager Hall. Its staff can complete anything from your basic copies to making cardboard cutouts.

Students have their own space where they can print, make copies and use 3-D printers.

Projects can be printed on canvas and other fabrics but staff can also bind books, laminate, score, staple, laser cut, engrave and more. In addition, wide-format projects can be printed.

The print lab is home to two large presses. One requires plates and can complete a one- to two-color process. The other has a four-color process. This press traditionally prints posters, magazines and other materials for the university.

School of Communication and Journalism