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University Student Union

The University Student Union is home to campus life.

Complete with three levels, students can visit The Union to dine, study, visit and more.

The main level, or “Main Street” of The Union has several computer kiosks and printers. Students can use the computers for anything from quick browsing to printing off an assignment.

Also located on “Main Street” is Information Exchange. This is a great spot to ask a quick question, buy concert tickets, cash a check and even check out laptops. Event Services is located next door.

Card Services, the place to get a student ID or to buy Hobo Dough and the Center for Student Engagement are also on the “Main Street” of The Union. Inside the Center for Student Engagement is the Students’ Association (student government), Fraternity and Sorority Life and University Program Council and The Office of Career Development. These offices are here to make sure students can get involved during their time on campus.

The main level of The Union has 10 different dining options, and Union Coffee, which proudly serves Starbucks coffee. Students can choose from popular restaurants such as Chic-Fil-A, Extreme Pita, Panda Express, Einstein Bros. Bagels and Coffee and more.

Students can purchase SDSU and Hobo garb at the SDSU Bookstore and the Hobo Shoppe in The Union. They can also take a tour of the Hobo Day Gallery, where SDSU memorabilia dedicated to the homecoming holiday are on display.

One of the more popular venues on campus, the Volstorff Ballroom is located towards the east end of The Union. This large lecture and reception space holds several campus activities.

Stepping down to the lower level of The Union or “Jacks’ Place” is a large amount of seating and study spaces. A number of offices including the Multicultural Center, Hobo Day Office and the Gay Straight Alliance are located here. Students interested in media can become involved with The Collegian (an independently-owned student-run newspaper) KSDJ (student-run radio station) and Blue Print, a printing agency that designs banners and posters throughout campus.

The upper level of The Union features several lounge areas, conference rooms to check out and charging stations.

University Student Union