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Testing Center

The Testing Center is where students can complete exams for placement, certifications, credit for prior learning and various courses on campus.

Located on the west side of campus, the Testing Center has two levels. Students can store their items in lockers in the entrance. The main floor has four soundproof booths with one dedicated for those who need natural light. A larger testing room for online courses or proctored exams is on this floor as well.

Different from traditional proctoring, the Testing Center has a room where one person can monitor all students during exams. Another room on this level is dedicated to scoring Scantron exams, where one machine scans forms and staff run analysis and calculate results for all faculty on campus.

The upper level has an additional six testing spaces. A large testing room, two rooms for small groups of three or four students and three rooms for Pearson testing.

During finals, the Testing Center extends its hours. To complete an exam at the Testing Center, make an appointment online.

Testing Center