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Residential Life

Located near the southeast side of campus, Jackrabbit Grove is consisted of four residence halls; Ben Reifel, Schultz, Hyde and Honors. Each floor of Jackrabbit Grove is co-ed with elevators, full-sized kitchens, a lounge equipped with a fireplace, TV and cable. Each room is air conditioned, most with their own thermostat letting students control their own air temperature. Double rooms and suite rooms are options within Jackrabbit Grove. Both first-year and second-year students can live here.

On the east side of campus, sits Caldwell Hall. The residence hall is exclusively second-year students. Caldwell Hall is entirely suite rooms, being two double rooms connected by a private bathroom. Students have access to a sink in each room, and a study/laundry room on each floor. Those looking to reside in Caldwell Hall can request the four-person suite along with their roommates if they choose.

Located near the center of campus, Jackrabbit Village is consisted of three residence halls; Abbott, Spencer and Thorne. Each co-ed floor has two bathrooms, a full-sized kitchen, a lounge complete with a fireplace, TV and cable, a sound-proof study room and a laundry room. Double rooms and single rooms are available. Each hall in Jackrabbit Village also has an elevator and is completely air conditioned. Each room has their own thermostat letting those living inside to control the air temperature. Both first- and second-year students can apply to live in Jackrabbit Village.

Connected by Larson Commons are Binnewies and Young halls. The two halls house nearly 1,000 students combined. The co-ed halls offer double rooms to first-year students. Amenities include a kitchen in the basement, laundry on every floor, and close access to Larson Commons, which has an all-you-can-eat buffet, and a C-store. 

First-and second-year students can reside in Mathews, Brown and Pierson halls. Each hall is co-ed and has double rooms for the residents. Each hall has laundry access, and both Mathews and Pierson have kitchens and lounges in the basement. These halls each hold nearly 400 students each, making them some of the smaller halls on campus.

Second- and third-year students can reside in Hansen Hall, located on the northwest side of campus. The 300-resident hall has single and double room options with the first floor allowing pets. In the basement are the laundry room and kitchen. Residents can take advantage of the piano room, wild game room and deck along the back side of the hall.

Waneta Hall is also located on the west side of campus, across from Hansen Hall. The 130-room residence hall is consisted of entirely single rooms, giving residents privacy and an option not to have a roommate. This hall is available to second- and third-year students.

Students looking for a less structured living environment can apply to live in university apartments. Meadows North and South house 320 students, with apartments, each with four bedrooms, a kitchen and one bathroom inside. Some living room furniture is provided inside the apartments. Meadows North and South provide a taste of independent living, with all of the basic amenities inside an apartment. These apartments are available typically to second- and third-year students.

Family student housing is available. For more information, contact Residential Life at 605-688-5148.

Residential Life