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Harding Hall

The Ness School of Management and Economics is located in Harding Hall. 

What was once a residence hall and then college of engineering facility is now home to six majors and 10 minors focused on business, economics and management.

When walking into the lobby, students can use several lounge and study spaces. Visitors are greeted by a large mobile of South Dakota created by School of Design faculty member Molly Wicks. Each layer represents the railroads, highways, rivers and airline routes in the state.

Each floor of Harding Hall has a ticker, showing the day’s stock market trends. There are several windows and natural light sources throughout the building.

On the ground floor is the e-Trading lab, an experiential learning classroom where students can learn how to conduct research and make trades. Next door is an analyst lab, which features windows that act as whiteboards.  The largest collaborative classroom in Harding Hall is located on this floor. Desks and tables surround screens, allowing students to see up close what their instructor is working on. Group members can also directly connect to screens with their devices to work on projects.

The first floor has the Ness School of Management and Economics administrative office. Banking, macroeconomics, entrepreneurial studies, accounting, law and advising offices are also located on this floor. At the east end of the hall is a collaborative work space. From the space, there are views of several residence halls in Jackrabbit Village and Jackrabbit Grove close by.

Some of the building’s best views are on the second floor, which has a large lab for graduate students. There is also large study space. The collaborative conference room and space for students allow visitors to spread out and feel at home. Economics, management, finance and marketing faculty offices are down the hall. The Data Center, extension field specialist and Center for Agribusiness and Food Systems Management offices are on this floor as well.

Ness School of Management and Economics