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Davis Dairy Plant

At the Davis Dairy Plant, students produce award-winning products in ice cream, cheese and butter.

The products, which start at SDSU’s own dairy farm, are brought to the plant twice a week.

There is a high temperature short-time room, where milk is separated and pasteurized. Cheese is also made in this room. A separate room in the plant is used to cut and package cheese in sizes that range from 20-pound blocks into shelf sizes. Two walk-in coolers store cheese until they go out for sale.

There is an evaporation and dry room, with filtration units throughout the entire plant. Positive air pressure is used to prevent products from becoming contaminated by bacteria.

Ice cream has its own room in the plant. Visitors can see students making ice cream through windows from inside the Dairy Bar.

A part of the plant is used for research and development. The space is leased by outside companies, to complete research with students.

Dairy and Food Science Department