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Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall

The Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall is a part of the Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering. Located on the southwest side of campus, the 62,000-square foot building has three floors.

The first floor has two departments, mechanical engineering and construction and operations management. There is a shared lab space with equipment for the two departments where students can build projects for class. Glass walls are at the front of the lab, where visitors can see what students are building inside.

On the second floor is the mathematics and statistics department. Several classrooms and study areas are found here. Most rooms on this floor have a clear glass wall, with markers attached, so students can solve problems or create drawings.

The third floor of the Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall is home to the architecture department. Offices and classrooms are located on this floor along with a design studio. Architecture students can build models of upcoming projects by hand, or use computer programs in the studio.

Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering

Department of Architecture