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Ben Reifel Hall

Jackrabbit Grove

Located near the southeast side of campus, Jackrabbit Grove is consisted of four co-ed residence halls; Ben Reifel, Schultz, Hyde and Honors. Each floor of Jackrabbit Grove is complete with elevators, full-sized kitchens, a lounge with a fireplace, TV and cable. Each room is air conditioned, most with their own thermostat letting students control their own air temperature.

Ben Reifel and Schultz halls have double rooms sized at 16-feet by 11-feet.

Hyde and Honor halls have double rooms and suite rooms. Suite rooms have a common space, a private bathroom and two or three bedrooms. Each floor in these halls also have a study room and laundry.

Honors and Ben Reifel halls have basements with a lounge, a TV, pool table and foosball for residents to use. Honors Hall also has computers and printers available.

Ben Reifel Hall