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American Indian Student Center

The American Indian Student Center, located near the heart of the South Dakota State University campus, is near three residence halls and just south of the Bailey Rotunda.

The center is a place where students can attend class, complete homework and participate in tutoring sessions, social and cultural programs or just relax.

Artwork reflecting Native American culture is on display in the atrium. The facility also features several architectural elements.

There is a drum room where the Seven Council Fires are represented. Students can learn songs and more about the culture of the Dakota, Lakota and Nakota people.

In the lounge area students can watch TV or cook something in the kitchen. The second level has a study space for students that features natural light.

An art room is located inside this facility where students can work will several different mediums, such as paints, fabric, clay and more.

Offices for graduate student staff, the program director and a counselor are inside the facility, separate from the student spaces.

American Indian Student Center