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Avera Health & Science Center

Avera Health & Science Center

Avera Health & Science Center opened in July 2010 and features 97,000 square feet of teaching, laboratory and office space as well as 48,600 square feet of research laboratory space.

Building Description

Built and equipped at a cost of $50 million with a lead gift of $15 million from Avera Health. Dedicated Sept. 9, 2010, with Julie Gerberding, former CDC director, as speaker.

Each floor of the building has laboratories in the center, with offices around the outskirts along with designated study rooms. The lowest level of the building has large lecture halls. The first floor has offices for the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Labs on the first floor are primarily for pharmacy. Second-floor labs are used for chemistry, with the third floor used for biochemistry and medical laboratory science.

Shepard Hall, which now serves as the north wing of the center, was completed remodeled into modern research labs as the final phase of this project. Shephard Hall honors Professor James Shepard, the first Department of Chemistry head and director of the Experiment Station. He introduced laboratory chemistry to complement classroom teaching and was credited with developing the first pharmacy curriculum when it was added to chemistry offerings in 1889. He is predominately known for his research on sugar beets and developing a super strain.

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Physical Address:

1066 Campanile Ave.
Brookings, SD 57007