Message from the Department Head

Welcome to Biology and Microbiology, a vibrant environment in which you will discover and grow. Our faculty are dedicated to offering learning environments that prepare students for productive successful careers, contributing to industry, healthcare and research. We are equally dedicated to probing the fascinating intricacies of living systems in order to contribute to regional and national needs. Our research teams collaborate in multi-disciplinary and multi-national teams to seek solutions for pressing problems in agriculture, health and energy.

The Department has a long legacy of preparing students for successful careers. Time and again I have the privilege of meeting alumni who became great by starting here. Whether they are recent graduates who are thankful for the solid foundation in Anatomy or Medical Microbiology that paved the way for success in Medical School, or the discoverer of the two-component signal transduction system who tells me proudly that the foundation for his career was laid here in the 1960's. We continue to train and challenge students to excel, and offer a rich selection of experiences, from the state of the art content of our courses to undergraduate research in over 20 laboratories, international travel experiences and internships in healthcare and industry.

I am exceedingly proud of our faculty, a cadre of creative thinkers who offer a rigorous academic environment that facilitates growth of all who walk through our doors. They span the gamut from detailed basic science to timely applications that contribute to the regional economy. Recent publications in journals such as Science, PNAS and PLOS journals, and a number of patents and registered processes exemplify this.  I invite you to explore our website and discover the many opportunities available for your career enhancement.


Volker Brözel, PhD.
Head, Biology and Microbiology Department