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2018  iLEARN fellows with M Nepal
2018 iLEARN fellows after a teaching module development on indigenous plants and sustainability (McCrory Garden), May 25 2018.
2017 iLEARN fellows with their mentors
2017 iLEARN fellows after evening interaction with their mentors, May 26 2017

Immersive Learning Experiences And Rural Networking (I-LEARN) is an immersive professional development workshop created by five collaborating interdisciplinary faculty (Agricultural Education, Climatology, Biology, Chemistry and Physics) for secondary educators. This workshop will deliberately blend South Dakota Secondary Science and Agriculture Education teachers to apply best practices related to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).This workshop will also immerse participants into SDSU’s agricultural science laboratories to explore first-hand current best practices relevant to scientific agricultural content.

  • A Three-day Workshop
  • Active Learning/Hands-on Activities
  • Travel, Housing and Meal Covered
  • Stipend Provided
  • Scientist-Teacher One-On-One Interactions
  • Rural Networking/Community Building

Registration to attend 2018 summer workshop (May 24-26) is due by March 31, 2018. Please click here to register for the workshop! 

Project Team

To access 2017 Workshop Schedule and teaching resources developed in 2017, please visit our Open Prairie permanent repository site at 2017 iLEARN fellows and their mentor scientists are listed below.

2017 iLEARN Expert Mentors

  1. Arvid Boe, Expert on Forage Breeding and Biofuel Plants, SDSU
  2. Brian Karstens, Weather Expert, KELOLAND TV, Sioux Falls, SD
  3. Carter Johnson, Wetland Ecologist, SDSU
  4. David Clay, Soil Expert, SDSU
  5. David Ollila, SDSU Extension Field Specialist, SDSU
  6. Don Burger, Landscape Architecture Expert, SDSU
  7. Douglas Raynie, Green Technology Expert, SDSU
  8. Eric Barsness, Conservation Agronomist, USDA NRCS
  9. Gray Tappan, Geographer, USGS-EROS, Sioux Falls, SD
  10. Jihong Cole-Dai, Climate Expert, SDSU
  11. Jose Gonzalez Hernandez, Applied Crop Genetics and    Genomics, SDSU
  12. Josh Leffler, Plant Ecologist, SDSU
  13. Larry Browning, Physics Educator, SDSU
  14. Laura Edwards, State Climatologist/Extension Field Specialist, SDSU
  15. Matt Miller, Chemistry Educator, SDSU
  16. Mike Gillispie, Service Hydrologist, National Weather Service, Sioux Falls, SD
  17. Nels Troelstrup, Invertebrate Ecologist, SDSU
  18. Padmanaban (Padu) Krishnan, Food Chemistry Expert, SDSU
  19. Phil Schumacher, Scientist, National Weather Service, Sioux Falls, SD
  20. Ruanbao Zhou, Blue Green Algae Biofuel Expert, SDSU
  21. Sandeep Kumar, Soil Expert, SDSU
  22. Sandy Smart, Rangeland Management Expert, SDSU
  23. Scott Pedersen, Bat Expert, SDSU
  24. Sen Subramanian, Soybean Researcher/Crop Physiologist, SDSU
  25. Troy White, Agriculture Educator, SDSU
  26. Volker Brozel, Microbial Ecophysiology Expert, SDSU
  27. Madhav Nepal, Soybean Researcher/Biology Educator, SDSU