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Avoiding Citations

Tips for Avoiding a Parking Citation
Park in the Appropriate Lot
  • Parking decals are only valid for specific parking lots. You may only park in lots associated to your permit. Every lot has a sign signaling what type of permit is allowed to park in the lot.
Permit Placement
  • Ensure your parking parking permit is displayed properly.  The correct location for display is driver's side lower corner of windshield.  Enforcement is looking for the permit in the driver's side lower corner of windshield, any other location may result in a citation.
Read Signage
  • Before parking your vehicle, please take time to check for any signage about parking.  Signs are usually located at the entrance of the lot.
No Parking Areas
  • Don't park in any areas where "No Parking" signs are posted or where there is yellow paint.
20-minute Parking
  • These areas are available for you to load, unload or to quickly enter a building. Please do not abuse these stalls.
Park Between the Lines
  • If your vehicle is on or over the parking stall lines, we recommend you re-park your vehicle between the lines.
Available Parking
  • If there is not an available parking stall in a lot, do not park your vehicle at the end of the parking line. There should be other available stalls in other parking lots.
Fire Safety
  • Try to avoid parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or in a fire lane since it is a safety hazard.
Ensure You Park Legally
  • Always make sure your vehicle is properly parked within a stall and that you obey the parking regulations. If you have parked illegally and did not receive a citation, does not mean you won't in the future.