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South Dakota State University

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Strategic Plan

In 2012, President Chicoine presented his 5-year strategic plan Impact 2018: A Strategic Vision for South Dakota State University. As such, he provided the planning framework for colleges to forge their own plans. Impact 2018 outlined four primary strategic goals that serve as a basis for the goals, objectives and, action steps in the Arts & Sciences plan. In January of 2012, department heads from A&S met with the dean and associate dean to draft the College plan. Departments also have their own strategic plans that are aligned with the College plan, just as the College plan is aligned with the University plan.   The entire College of Arts and Sciences Impact 2018 Plan can be viewed at

Arts and Sciences Strategic Goal One

The College will achieve academic excellence through innovative undergraduate and graduate program development, student engagement, and a dynamic teaching and learning environment.

Arts and Sciences Strategic Goal Two

The College will engage in discovery, encourage innovation, and produce artistic and creative works that enhance the quality of life for South Dakota, the region, nation, and world.

Arts and Sciences Strategic Goal Three

Broaden the impact of the College through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Arts and Sciences Strategic Goal Four

Secure human and fiscal resources to provide an infrastructure that ensures high academic and scholarly achievement.

Arts and Sciences Strategic Goal Five

Model a culture of inclusion that values diverse perspectives and experiences.