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Workplace Intercultural Competence (WIC) Certificate

Workplace Intercultural Competence (WIC) Certificate

The WIC Certificate prepares graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to provide management of diverse workplaces in a variety of settings including business, construction and agriculture. Students will gain a basic understanding of the challenges of second-language acquisition and intercultural communication, and will acquire and hone the skills required to work in a diversity-rich setting and engage in intercultural communication. Students will also be introduced to basic theories and research regarding communication between cultures.

The main audiences for this certificate program will be students in the following majors: Agricultural Business, Animal Science, Economics - Business Economics Specialization, Entrepreneurial Studies, Construction, Dairy Manufacturing, Dairy Production, Food Science, Hospitality Management and Operations Management. However, the certificate will be open to any undergraduate student.

Completion of the Workplace Intercultural Competence Certificate requires 4 courses (14-15 Credits)

2 Language Courses*

FREN 101 - Introductory French I (COM) Credits: 4
or GER 101 - Introductory German I (COM) Credits: 4
or SPAN 101 - Introductory Spanish I (COM) Credits: 4

FREN 102 - Introductory French II (COM) Credits: 4
or GER 102 - Introductory German II (COM) Credits: 4
or SPAN 102 - Introductory Spanish II (COM) Credits: 4

*These language courses also fulfill the System General Education Requirement #4: Humanities and Arts/Diversity

1 Intercultural Competence Course

GLST 280 - Developing Intercultural Competence Credits: 3
or SPCM 407 - Intercultural Communication (COM) Credits: 3

1 Management Course

Select 1 management elective course from the following:

AGEC 371 - Agricultural Business Management Credits: 3
AS 445-445L - Value-Added Meat Products and Lab Credits: 3
AS 474-474L - Cow/Calf Management and Lab Credits: 3
AS 475 - Feedlot Operations and Management Credits: 3
AS 478-478L - Swine Production and Lab Credits: 3
BADM 101 - Survey of Business (COM) Credits: 3
BADM/MGMT 360 - Organization and Management (COM) Credits: 3
CM 400-500 - Risk Management and Construction Safety Credits: 3
DS 421-421L - Dairy Plant Management and Lab Credits: 4
DS 481-481L/581-581L - Dairy Farm Operations II and Lab Credits: 4
GE 469 - Project Management Credits: 3
HMGT 171 - Introduction to Hospitality Industry Credits: 3
HMGT 472 - Hospitality Facilities Management and Design Credits: 3
HRM 460 - Human Resource Management (COM) Credits: 3
OM 462-562 - Quality Management Credits: 3
OM 463-563 - Supply Chain Management Credits: 3