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PH01:BRK / Passive House Brookings

SDSU DoArch has been awarded a Future Funds grant by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to integrate curriculum using relevant technologies specified by U.S. Passive House Standards. The initiative is an ongoing, self-sustaining and collaborative effort led by student design teams. The grant provides for training, research and monitoring of new and existing Passive Houses, and most visibly, the design, development, and construction of PH01:BRK, the first passive house in Brookings. A fall 2016 graduate design studio has completed their work, and construction will commence in the spring.

roof assembly
Typical Roof Assembly

Students are working in collaboration on many aspects involved with the design. In addition to the graduate studio, building workshops, seminars and technology courses have been offering instruction supporting this project and energy-conscious construction in general. 

Currently, PH01:BRK is in the process of PHIUS Certification, and we are contracting with Brookings Built Green for the construction. Certification includes the review of the energy model, building envelope details, mechanical and ventilation system design, and other criteria that "challenges the building industry to construct buildings that can maintain a comfortable indoor environment with very low operating energy."

As part of our overall Passive Housing Initiative Grant, our mission remains one that promotes and continues the Passive House standard as an alternative for normative design and construction types. The combination of a specific, low-energy building system with the research, teaching and advocacy capacities at the SDSU Department of Architecture is intended to jump-start a complacent design and construction industry.