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Mission & Goals

2016 Pow Wow

The American Indian Student Center is committed to providing a welcome home-place to support those who have courageously chosen to walk the path of higher education. The AISC understand that a vital part of our function involves nation building and works to encourage students to recognize and develop their voice and help prepare Native students to respond to the call to return home.

AISC Mission

The AISC provides culturally appropriate retention advising and programming to increase recruitment and retention of American Indian students.

AISC Vision

Collaborating with our campus and tribal communities to support initiatives that benefit Native students learning and development, encourages responsible research and promotes student resiliency.

Strategic Goals

The AISC supports South Dakota State University’s vision of creating an inclusive and diverse university climate and culture, as expressed through the goals of the “IMAGINE 2023” strategic plan:

  • People centered: by assisting in the development of critically conscious American Indian and Alaska Native leadership.
  • Creativity: by (re)introducing Native teachings into academic, social and cultural programs and curriculum.
  • Integrity: by administering our daily operations and future-oriented planning through the making of an empowering university context for American Indian and Alaska Native students.
  • Diversity: by bridging tribal worldviews, communities, educational institutions and governments with our work.
  • Excellence: by continual program evaluation and assessment of our programs and services.