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AISC Facility

AISC Facility Features

  • American Indian Student Center staff offices.
  • Student Lounge Area: Includes a commons area utilized for small student gatherings. Furnishings include a smart TV for student use and a kitchen area.
  • Multi-purpose Area: A conference room available for student organization meetings, study sessions and social/cultural programs.
  • Resource Area: student laptop station, printer, copying machine and fax. Bulletins about scholarships, internships, tutoring and employment opportunities. Wireless access available throughout the Center.


Guest parking is located to the north of the AISC entrance (north of the Agricultural Heritage Museum). Parking to the north side of the building requires a Campus Commuter (CC) permit. Please visit the Parking Services website for details concerning visitor parking.

Map illustrating that the American Indian Education and Cultural Center has moved to the Enrollment Services Center