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AME Production Labs

Architecture, Construction and Operations Management Department and Mechanical Engineering Departments merged workshops to form a shared 12,000+ square foot lab space, shared equipment and shared lab manager. The AME Production Labs are for use by faculty and currently registered students in these three Departments. No commercial use is allowed.

Using the Lab

  • Safety first. Read and follow ALL lab and safety policies and procedures.
  • Lab hours will be posted at the beginning of each semester. General hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • No individual shall work in any lab unless directly supervised.
  • Individuals may not work in any lab until they have completed a department-administered shop safety orientation and passed a shop safety exam. Upon passing the exam, the individual will be issued a safety badge. Badges MUST be worn at all times while in the shop.
  • Individuals are required to sign in AND sign out. Before leaving, an individual MUST have a supervisor check to make sure the area(s) used have been properly cleaned up.
  • Each student is responsible for cleaning up the shop after completing their work.
  • Do not remove any equipment or tools from the shop.
  • When done working, turn off equipment and return all equipment/tools to their proper locations.
  • The lab and its entrances are monitored at all times by a camera security system.



The AME Production Lab is located on the first floor of the Chicoine Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering Hall and consist of the:

"Layout yard, Wood Shop, AME 136A, Digital Fab, AME 136B, Production Lab-AME 136, Normal Hours 8:00 AM-4:30 PM M-F, Production Lab Main Entrance, Loading Dock, Hot Shop Welding & Casting, Tool Crib and shop supervisor - Mr. Al Mousel, Machining and Fabrication, Engines Lab AME 136E, M.E. Lab Entrance, CNC and project work area, layout and assembly, M.E. Capstone Design Lab, AME 136D East, AME 136D West, AME 144, AME Shop Layout"