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AME Woodshop & Digital Fabrication Lab

Fabrication and process is an integral part of the tactile and technical essence of architecture. The AME woodshop and digital fabrication labs at SDSU DoArch ranges from the most basic tools to cutting edge computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment. This combination gives students opportunities for hands-on carving and sculpting as well as fast and fluid interaction with computer-based parametrics and rapid prototyping.

The Woodshop and Digital Fabrication Labs are reserved for faculty and registered architecture students working on currently assigned projects. No commercial or personal use is allowed.

Policies for the AME Woodshop and Digital Fabrication Lab apply to the main first floor shops and to the third floor digital lab.

Using the Lab  

  • Safety first. Read and follow ALL lab and safety policies and procedures.
  • Do not remove any equipment from the shop without checking out the request form on the shop door.
  • When done working, turn off equipment and return all equipment to its proper location.
  • Each student is responsible for cleaning up the shop after completing their work.
  • No models, drawings, or other materials will be stored in the shop. Any items left behind will be discarded.


Woodshop Equipment

  • 2 SawStop Table Saws
  • Miter and Panel Saws
  • Band and Scroll Saw
  • Jointer
  • Planer
  • Router Table
  • Drill Press
  • Belt, Disk and Oscillating Spindle Sanders
  • Vacuum Forming Table
  • Handheld Power Drills
  • Handheld Power Reciprocating and Jig Saws
  • Handheld Power Random Orbital Sanders
  • Wide Variety of Hand Tools

Digital Fabrication

  • CNC Wood Router
  • 100 Watt Laser Cutter
Wood Shop / AME Building / SDSU