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Student Posters

SDSU has a long tradition of students presenting posters at conferences like the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) annual meeting and exposition or the SDSU Day of Scholars. Below you can find the posters CPIC student researchers have presented over the past few years.

Drs. Sharrel Pinto, Aaron Hunt, Erin Miller, Alex Middendorf, Yen-Ming Huang, Chamika Hawkins-Taylor, Ben Hause, Chun-Ming Lin and the members of the CPIC team have each assisted with one or more of these posters. 


1. Alexa Vanden Hull, 2. Heidi Schultz and 3. April Nelsen


Abigayle Blanchette


1. Amanda Dickinson, 2. Ellen Hulterstrum, 3. Christopher Kotschevar, 4. Molly Kabella and 5. Abigail Sirek