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Quality Assurance Program

SDCIA's Quality Assurance program provides a uniform, unbiased quality control service which may be used as a marketing advantage under private label as varieties, hybrids or brands.  While it is designed as a complete service for seed not eligible for certification, its guidelines are very similar to those of the certification system.  It is easily customized to meet the specific needs of the company using the service.

The Quality Assurance (QA) program provides the following:

  • Coordinated, professional third party field inspection and laboratory testing for unbiased quality control for seed production, conditioning and marketing.
  • An unbiased record system for use in meeting state and federal seed law requirements,assessing royalties or research fees, establishing a proactive defense to avoid problems and if necessary be used to assist in dispute resolution between seed suppliers, contract growers and customers.
  • Enhance market position and customer confidence with a sound quality control program.
  • Assurance to buyers that seed bearing the QA trademark has met purity standards related to a known variety description across seedlots and years of production.