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collage of mustard seeds, rye grass, students in seed lab

SDSU Seed Testing Lab

Unbiased, accurate seed testing

The Seed Testing Laboratory is maintained by SDSU to test seed samples for farmers, seedsmen, the South Dakota Crop Improvement Association and the South Dakota Department of Agriculture. Our lab is equipped with the modern testing equipment necessary to perform tests on the seeds of agricultural crops, grasses, flowers, trees and vegetables.

Our staff consists of experienced, technically trained, and accredited analysts (Certified Seed Analyst - CSA and Registered Seed Technologist - RST) as well as part-time analysts who work under supervision. All analyses are performed following the "AOSA Rules for Testing Seeds" (when applicable) published by the Association of Official Seed Analysts. Upon completion of testing, an official report of analysis (ROA) is issued for each sample submitted.

The lab is an U.S. Department of Agriculture Accredited Seed Lab. Our hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. We are located in the Young Brothers Seed Technology Laboratory at the corner of 22nd Ave N and Hwy. 14 Bypass, SDSU Innovation Campus, 2380 Research Parkway, Brookings, SD 57006

More about us

The crucial components of the Seed Testing Laboratory are teaching, training, and research. For well over 50 years, we have hired students as part-time analysts and taught them to test seeds properly. The training and experience these students gain are unsurpassed, and we routinely employ students during the fall and spring semesters. Over the years we have hired and trained well over 800 student seed analysts, and many of them have gone on to become seed analysts or to work in the seed trade.

The Seed Testing Laboratory also conducts seed-related research and provides training, supplies, and direct assistance for faculty, graduate and undergraduate research. At any given time, we may be working with other faculty and one to four graduate students on seed-related research projects. Every year, the Seed Testing Laboratory participates in several national/regional refereed studies to evaluate potential changes in testing methods.

We also give tours to several groups each year. Tours for individuals or groups are available by request. In addition, we routinely provide seed samples of multiple species to university classes and for K-12 teaching/laboratory purposes. Lab personnel also help put on workshops and provide individual training upon request by clients or from the industry.