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Submission Guidelines

Please follow the instructions relevant to your submission:

For more information, contact the Plant Diagnostic Clinic either by email or telephone, 605-688-5545.

Submission Forms

The appropriate form should be completed and mailed with the sample. Please fill out as completely as possible to aid in an accurate diagnosis.

Mailing Address

SDSU Plant Diagnostic Clinic
SPSB 153, Box 2108

Plant Science Building, Jackrabbit Drive
Brookings SD 57007


Collect and Submit Plants for Testing

  1. Provide Information
    1. Download our form at (be sure to fill it out completely).
  2. Map it Out
    1. Record location of the infected plant

NOTE: Be sure to look at the infected plant proximity to healthier plants

    1. Look around the environment

Examples include: irrigation, shading, proximity to sidewalks, parking lots, buildings, and past damage such as construction.

NOTE: This will help you determine if the disease is spreading and it will help form a mental picture of what the site was like to the diagnostician.

  1. Dig up the Plant
    1. Include BOTH roots and soil

BE AWARE:Symptoms you see on the leaves and stems of the plant may be the result of root infections or poor soil conditions; therefore, make sure to include as much of the plant material as possible. Photos are helpful if taking an entire plant sample isn’t possible.

  1. Package the Sample
    1. Keep each part of the plant separated

Root and Soil: Wrap the roots and soil in a plastic bag, tie/seal bag around the stem just above the soil (loosely tie the plastic so air exchange occurs)

Plant: Place entire plant into a Ziploc bag along with the wrapped roots and soil.  Place a dry paper towel inside the Ziploc bag to prevent the plant from rotting.

    1. Placement  & Shipment

Place the Ziploc bag into a box and fill the empty spaces with newspaper. This will keep the sample from becoming damaged during shipment.

  1. Ship it Quick
    1. Diseases spread rapidly so you may need to ship your samples by two-day or preferably by overnight delivery.