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Price and Inventory List

2023 Foundation Seed
Fall Price and Inventory List

Minimum Order for all Fall seeded crops is 20 bu./units per variety

Hard Red Winter Wheat
Hard Red Winter WheatPrice / Bushel (60 lbs.) (untreated)*
* SD Pheasant$27.00
Overland (From Nebraska Foundation Seed)$33.91 treated
SD Andes$25.00
SD Midland$25.00

Seed counts on most lots are available.  Please call 605-688-5418 for any additional information on seed quality.  Refer to the 2022–2023 Certified Seed Grower Directory for variety descriptions and charts of variety characteristics.

Email orders can be sent to Jack Ingemasen or you can call or text 605-690-8358.
* Seed Treatment with Stamina F4 Cereals is available for $4.00/bushel on orders placed by Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2023.  Paper bags will be an additional $1.50/bag.

* New Release in 2023.