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Potential Release of ‘SD Pheasant’ Hard Red Winter Wheat

SD Pheasant is a new hard red winter wheat variety developed by the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and will be released to South Dakota Certified Seed growers in the fall of 2023. Owing to good yield performance, resistance to leaf rust, stem rust and moderate tolerance to stripe rust and good quality, SD Pheasant was entered in SD CPT trials in 2021. In 2021 CPT (dry year), it ranked 4th in eastern SD, 4th in central SD and 47th in western SD among 47 entries. In 2022 CPT, it ranked 1st in eastern SD, 4th in central and 23rd in western SD among 42 entries. Overall, in the last 2 years, SD Pheasant ranked 1st in eastern SD, 2nd in central SD and 29th in western SD. There will be a $0.60/bushel research fee on the sales of Registered and Certified SD18B025-8 winter wheat and Plant Variety Protection is being applied for if released.

2021-22 SDSU Winter Wheat Breeding Trials

VarietyMaturityHeightTest WeightProtein %Lodging (1–5)
SD Pheasant33359.113.81.8
SD Andes43259.913.51.3
SD Midland43358.313.81.2

2021-22 SDSU CPT Winter Wheat Trials

VarietyEast YieldCentral YieldWest Yield
SD Pheasant697247
SD Andes677155
SD Midland676956