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2018 Saddle and Lang-MN Variety Descriptions

Release of ‘Saddle’ Oats

The South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station is releasing a new oat variety named Saddle to Certified Seed growers in the spring of 2018. It has a pedigree of Saber/SD060130 and was tested as SD120296. Saddle is an early maturing variety, heading one day earlier than Natty. It is one inch taller than Horsepower with excellent straw strength. It has high yield potential with an average test weight. Saddle is resistant to smut, moderately tolerant to barley yellow dwarf virus and most importantly resistant to crown rust. There will be a $0.30/bushel research fee on the sales of Certified Saddle oats and Plant Variety Protection will be applied for. There will be no saleable Registered Seed class.

2016–17 SDSU-CPT Oat Trials

VarietyMaturityHeight "Test WeightLodging (1–5)2016–17 Yield

2015–17 Oat Breeding Trials

VarietyYieldCrown Rust%Barley Yellow Dwarf (1–9)Lodging %

Lang-MN Hard Red Spring Wheat

Lang-MN is a hard red spring wheat variety developed by the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station with a limited release of Foundation Seed in 2017 and good supplies available in 2018. It was derived from the cross of Glenn/Sabin.

Qualities associated with Lang-MN:

  1. Good Yield Potential
  2. Late Maturity
  3. High Protein
  4. Leaf and Stripe Rust Resistance
  5. Bacterial Leaf Streak and Head Scab Tolerance

Lang-MN is equal to Boost and Faller in maturity and is equal to Boost in protein content. It is also equal to Faller and Prevail in height and has an above average test weight. There will be a $0.30/bushel research fee on the sales of Registered and Certified Lang-MN and Plant Variety Protection has be applied for. Further information on Lang-MN can be found at

2015–17 SDSU CPT Spring Wheat Trials

VarietyMaturityHeightProtein %2015–17 East Yield2015–17 West Yield