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Precision Agriculture

Leading the Nation in Precision Agriculture

Agriculture is experiencing a fast-paced evolution as technology continues to develop. Precision agriculture has emerged with an array of new and exciting – and increasingly high-tech – tools. The integration of computer technology with farm equipment, farm sensors, GPS navigation, satellite imagery and drone imagery are quickly revolutionizing agricultural production. While this revolutionary evolution is creating new opportunities within the agricultural industry, it is also generating a need for college graduates, pertinent research, and Extension expertise related to precision agriculture. SDSU is addressing this change in needs by leading the nation with its Precision Agriculture degree.

SDSU’s first-in-the-nation B.S. degree in Precision Agriculture is a collaboration between the Department of Agronomy, Horticulture and Plant Science and the Department of Agriculture & Biosystems Engineering. Precision technology is the key to increasing on-farm profitability, and will play a major role in ecosystem sustainability. The new degree promises to develop a new generation of agronomists who are well equipped to work with precision agriculture tools and data analytics to make crop production recommendations.

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