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People at Subramanian Lab

Post-Doctoral Associates
  • Kevin Cope (co-advised with Heike Bucking), 2018 -
  • Sonya Erlandson, 2019 -

Graduate Students

  • Jesus Loya (MS) 2017-
  • Mucahid Bozkus (MS) 2019-
  • Athira SethuMadhavan (PhD) 2020-
  • Lilia Montanez (PhD) 2020-
  • Bhawandeep Kaur (MS) 2020-

Co-advised graduate students

  • Prashant Dahal (MS, 2021 onwards, co-advised with Dr. Srinivas Janaswamy);
  • Said Badshah (PhD, 2019 onwards, co-advised with Dr. Srinivas Janaswamy); 

Undergraduate/Part-time Research Assistants

  • Ia Hastings
  • Devindi Samarasinghe


SDSU undergraduates interested in research opportunities, contact me!


Former members

  • Marie Turner, Ph.D. (Post-Doc 2010-2012), currently Research Scientist, Vegenov, France
  • Suresh Damodaran, (MS, 2010-2012; Ph.D 2012-2017), currently a Post-Doctoral Associate at Washington University in St Louis (Strader lab)
  • Narasimha Rao Nizampatnam, Ph.D. (Post-Doc 2012-2014)
  • Sung-Un Kim (Ph.D student) 2010-2014 (co-advised with Dr. Vance Owens, SDSU)
  • Sajag Adhikari (Ph.D) 2011-2016, currently a post-doc at UNL (Walia lab)
  • Carl Fellbaum (Post-Doc 2014-2016), currently at Washington Pavilion, Sioux Falls, SD
  • Shuchi Smita, Jul 2015 - May 2017 (co-mentored with Dr. Anne Fennell)
  • Laura White (Ph.D) 2011-2017, currently a post-doctoral researcher at USDA
  • Sunita Pathak (MS) 2015-2017, currently a technician at Danforth Center, St Louis
  • Spencer Schreier (MS) 2015-2017, currently a research assistant at UNevada, Reno
  • Paul Gaillard (Ph.D) 2016-2020, back in France managing family farm.
  • Sadikshya Aryal (MS) 2016-2019, PhD student at Purdue University
  • Pratiksha KC (MS) 2017-2020, currently a lab technician at Sanford Research, Sioux Falls, SD.
  • Bhanu Petla, Sep 2016 - Sep 2019
  • Marina Johnson, Mar 2019 - Jun 2020
  • Undergraduate researchers
    • From SDSU:Nadee Kaluhawandi (2019); Rachel Johnson (Bentley Griffith Undergraduate Research Scholarship 2018); Kaleb Parajuli (USDA REEU fellow, 2018); Sydnie Daniels (2017, BioSNTR REU fellow); Kirsten Hyser (2016); Jacob Sellers (2015, BioSNTR REU fellow); Brian Kisley (2014 -2016), Bentley Griffith Undergraduate Research Scholar, currently a graduate student at NDSU; Spencer Schreier (2013-2014), ASPB Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (2013), went on to complete M.S.; Shivaram P Arunachalam (2011-2012), currently a scientist at Mayo Clinic; Natalie J Krier (2010-2011), completed MD from UND, Grand Forks; Holly Pueppke (2010-2011), Bentley Griffith Undergraduate Research Scholar, currently a lab technician.

      From other institutions: Clairion DuBose (USDA-REEU fellow, 2019); Jason Kiehne, Allison Zvarick (NSF REU students, 2016-2017); Stephanie Coppin, Mathew Baron, Amelie Dubois, Yoann Monaco (ENSAT summer interns; 2010-2012).


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