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South Dakota State University

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Bioinformatics and Mathematical Biosciences Lab

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Bioinformatic tools development and Omic data mining & modeling

  • Comparative and functional genomics analysis
  • Biclustering of large-scale (meta-)transcriptomic data
  • Discovery, scanning and comparison of cis-regulatory motifs
  • Dynamic programming for chromosomal folding structure prediction

Computational systems biology in microbial and plant genomes

  • Prediction of metabolic networks and associated regulatory systems
  • Meta-genomics data analysis of plant–microorganism interactions
  • Elucidation and application of organizing principles of bacterial genomes
  • Identification and evolutionary study of plant cell-wall related genes



Students with biology, computer science and statistics/mathematics background are all welcome to contact me at with a letter of interest and information about your GPA, GRE, TOEFL (if internationals) scores.


Students interested in doing bioinformatics research are welcome to contact me directly at or 605-688-6315, and should read here before contact.