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Events - Block and Bridle



The academic quadrathlon tests the students knowledge of the livestock and meat industry. The students compete in a four-step competition—lab practical, written test, quiz bowl and oral presentation. The Quadrathlon Committee works with the faculty and staff to set up and score the contest.

Steer Show

steer show

As a club dedicated to promoting the continuance of youth activity and participation in the agriculture industry, Block and Bridle has set up a steer and heifer show, which is held the Sunday of President's Day weekend. The Committee has its own fundraisers, hires a judge, recruits workers and has prize money for the show.


ag in classroom

This committee functions to help educate South Dakota's youth about agriculture, as it is the state's largest industry.

Trips and Recreation

trips and recreation 2

The SDSU Block and Bridle club annually attends several events and participates in many recreational activities within the club and across campus. Each fall the club attends the Black Hills Stock Show and tours farms, ranches, and animal agriculture industries along the way. Members of Block and Bridle also attend the National Block and Bridle Convention and the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Convention. On-campus members enjoy watermelon feeds, dodge-ball games, Halloween and Christmas parties, and participating in Little International.