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Equine Studies Minor

Horse classes at SDSU

People of all backgrounds and careers have an interest in owning at least one horse. Others have been in the business for years and find it a pleasing way of life as well as a profitable business venture. If either of these situations describes you, the Department of Animal Sciences of South Dakota State University offers educational opportunities that will help you reach your goals.

Equine Studies Minor

The Equine Studies minor is designed for student from all majors who wish to supplement their academic major with studies in equine science, management, and industry trends. Upon completion of the minor, students will:

  • Have a fundamental knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, nutrition, health and functional structure of a horse necessary to successfully manage horses for pleasure and/or business
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify early signs of disease and lameness
  • Determine and manage appropriate diets for various classes of horses
  • Manage a herd of broodmares during breeding season
  • Exhibit business knowledge of an equine facility, and
  • Exhibit horsemanship skills

Faculty will engage students in a variety of scholastic settings, including use of the SDSU Equine Teaching Facility, incorporating experiential learning to supplement classroom topics.

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