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2000 Beef Report

Complete Document


Table of Contents

Front Cover — includes a thank you

Back Cover — includes faculty listing and a research locations map


Welcome Letter from the Department Head


General Information
2000-01 Interpreting Experimental Results



2000-02 Evaluating the Agronomic Feasibility of Planting Late Season Corn for Feedlot Cattle

2000-03 The Effects of Energy Source and Yeast (BIOSAF SC47) on Feedlot Performance During the Receiving Period

2000-04 Field Peas in Finishing Cattle Diets and the Effect of Processing
2000-05 Influence of Dietary MP on the Production Rates and In Usage By Steers Fed High Grain Content Diets
2000-06 Relative Feed Values for High Fiber Corn and Conventional Corn Silage for Growing Steers



Cow/Calf and Feedlot Management
2000-07 Effect of Calving Time and Weaning Time on Cow/Calf Performance — A Preliminary Report

2000-08 Effect of Calving Time and Weaning Time on Feedlot Performance — A Preliminary Report

2000-09 An Evaluation of Three TRM Feed-Mixing Wagons

2000-10 Comparison of Estradiol-Trenbolone Acetate Implant Programs for Yearling Steers of Two Genotypes


Breeding, Genetics and Meats


2000-11 Associations of Beef Production Traits with Polymorphisms in the Growth Hormone Gene and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Gene

2000-12 Effects of Breed-Type and Breeding System on Efficiency of Weaned Calf Production

2000-13 The Influence of Body Weight and Marbling EPD on the Relationship of Intramuscular Fat Content and the Value of Lean Retail Product in Serially Slaughtered Angus Steers

2000-14 Steps for Warmer-Bratzler Shear Force Assessment on Cooked Beef Longissimus Steaks at South Dakota State University



Health Management
2000-15 Defining Failure of Passive Transfer in South Dakota Beef Calves

2000-16 A Pilot Study of the Impact of Metaphylactic Treatment at Processing on Lung Lesions at Slaughter