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Student Life

Students walking on campus

Taste the excitement

Beyond getting involved in clubs and organizations, students can travel abroad, participate in undergraduate research, or even intern in their career field.


College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences students can travel to locations such as Africa, Argentina, Australia, China and England to expand their horizons and broaden their perspectives. We offer an ABS 482-582 International experience course, in addition to study-abroad and student-exchange programs. 

Undergraduate Research

Whatever your interest, undergraduate research means hands-on experience, working with faculty mentors and graduate students, scholarships, and opportunities to publish and present at professional meetings. Such experience is invaluable preparation for employment and graduate or professional school. 


Career-related professional experiences are important components of a quality college education. Many internships pay students just like a part-time job, and academic credit can be arranged for approved experiences. Apply your classroom knowledge to the real world, enhance your career network, and build your résumé with valuable experiences.